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PGA Tour Golf & Cell Phone Etiquette

Historical Background

The game of golf has a long and wonderful tradition dating back to Song Dynasty in China between 960 and 1279 AD. This would put the roots of golf at over a thousand years at 1,059! They used club-shaped tree branches to strike a feather-stuffed ball. The things we do when we are bored…?

In any case, the real tradition for the modern game of golf as we know it today can be traced back to Scotland in the 15th century. This would be considered the High Middle Ages. The very first golf courses and various clubs were established during this historical period and a milestone was reached with the creation of an 18-hole golf course.

The Game Evolves

As more and more years rolled by and the game of golf grew naturally. We begin to see the markings of a beautiful thing. A sport like no other in the world and one that is embraced internationally across the planet. It is an experience like no other because it is wrapped in so much tradition.

The evolution of golf has especially resulted in a love and passion for PGA Golf Professionals like me everywhere. Most of these athletes are way more than just good players. They are leaders in their field and experts in golf course operations. Whether it is a resort, daily fee, municipal, private, semi-private, executive, par three. Etc. The list goes on and on…

QUIET (PLEASE)– Cell Phones and Golf Tournaments

In know what you’re thinking…golf is that silly game where you chase a little white ball around for several hours in endless frustration. However, at the highest level including the PGA Tour we find amazing and awesome athletes with physical, mental, and intangible skills like no other in sports.

Therefore, if you are planning to go to any type of major golf tournament, please be sure you do the following:

  • When anywhere near the players in the tournament, set your cell phone to “Silent”.
  • Only make or receive calls when you are off the course and in or around the clubhouse or hosting area.
  • NEVER talk on your phone when you are on the course watching the event. This is taboo and should be avoided at all costs.
  • PGA Tour players are like any other athlete who works for a living. Their livelihood depends on their performance, so it is imperative to give them the respect they deserve.
  • Driving Range – Watching players practice on the range is one of the best facets of attending an event. HOWEVER, the same rule applies in staying silent when in earshot of the players. You may talk quietly, but only at a fair enough distance as to not disrupt the players and caddies.

PGA Tour events are some of the most exciting and fun things to do for fans of golf. Seeing these amazing athletes up close and personal is one of the coolest experiences one could imagine. In fact, we are fortunate here in Southwest Florida because we have a couple of good ones I would recommend right here in Naples.

Local PGA Professional Golf Events – QBE Shootout & PGA Tour Champions

QBE Shootout – Tiburon Golf Club at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples

This is probably the most entertaining event on the PGA Tour. I say this because it is set up in 2 Player teams who work together to try and post the best score. The event starts with practice rounds on Tuesday, December 4th, 2019 and culminates with the final round of tournament competition on Sunday, December 9th, 2019. Check out the Schedule of Events for all the details.

Chubb Classic – The Classics Country Club at Lely Resort – Naples, Florida

This year’s event was staged February 11-17, 2019 and was a huge success. I attended the final round of the event in February of 2017 at the TwinEagles Golf Club – Talon Course.  This event saw the very popular Fred Couples win by four shots over Miguel Angel Jimenez. I was able to stand with a great view of his final victorious approach shot from the 18th fairway.

Serving the Members and Growing the Game

I was so inspired by this experience that I started working toward another milestone in my own life. As a member of the PGA of America for nearly 20 years I realized I had something to give back. In fact, our organization’s mission is “Serving the Members and Growing the Game”. What better way than to launch my new website (still under construction) in partnership with the PGA:

So, the journey begins with the opportunity to “Pay It Forward” to my fellow PGA Members. I am excited to add this new project because I Love Golf!

Author and PGA Golf Professional Shawn Hedley proudly displays a souvenir.

Chubb Classic 2017 – Final Round – Fred Couples prepares for his approach to the 18th green.

Chubb Classic 2017 – Final Round – Fred Couples goes through his pre-shot routine.

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